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Wispy Cluster Kit

Wispy Cluster Kit

Transform your lashes into a vision of natural beauty with our 150-piece DIY Natural Wispy Cluster Kit. Crafted to perfection, each cluster boasts a gentle C lash curl, enhancing your eyes with a subtle lift and irresistible allure. Ranging from 12mm to 20mm in length, these clusters effortlessly blend with your natural lashes, adding just the right amount of length and volume for a soft, wispy effect. Whether you're aiming for a casual daytime look or an evening of understated elegance, our kit provides the versatility you need to easily customize your lash style. Elevate your everyday glamour and embrace the enchanting allure of natural wispy lashes. Kit does not include glue & tweezers.

    12,12$ Prix original
    9,99$Prix promotionnel
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