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This dynamic 3D makeup palette features 24 outrageously pigmented eyeshadows that are fitting for various skin tones, ranging from bright mattes to bold metallic shimmers. This palette also includes 1 versatile mirror that can either fold inside the base of the palette or prop up while you get smoovalicious! Connected by magnetic panels, this palette is mess-free and it can be stored anywhere, whether it’s your vanity or your MUA traveling kit. Benefits: Full pigment and easy-to-blend formula


Eboni (black matte)

Osiris (milk chocolate matte)

Nubia (caramel matte)

Saqqara (maroon matte) 

Avaris (deep purple shimmer)

Sobek (emerald green matte)

Femi (light purple shimmer)

Rehema (rose pink shimmer)

Mandisa (mauve with a shimmer)

Zahri (hot pink matte)
Giza (violet matte)

Kamuzu (magenta matte)

Hathor (pure white matte) 

Lotus (neon green matte)

Isis (turquoise shimmer)

Nike (sky blue matte)

Jabari (emerald green metallic shimmer) 

Masika (electric blue metallic shimmer)

Horus (bright neon yellow matte)

Safiya (hot red matte)

Kosey (blazing neon orange matte)

Latifah (champagne gold shimmer)
Camel (bronze shimmer)

Cleo (pink and gold duo-chrome shimmer)

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